Model: @yana.mania

Stylist: @abbyhsieh1151

Abby, excelent stylist I have had chance to work with, looked for a photographer for a bridal shoot which she recently got. She had four dresses in total but we chose two - simple red one and torquise bridal dress. I was very glad she contacted me and we also found a common time in our schedules. For one thing I had a chance to to meet another local model Yana and also finally shot in areal of Simon Fraser University.

Everything went well, after morning shower the weather was nice and we executed the first outfit without any problems. But we have moved to a small pond full of Chinese fishes for the second outfit. First, few shots from a distance, one close up and then, one extensive step behind and unwanted bath in the pond, exactly as in Chaplin grotesque...

My poor Nikon didn't enjoy it as much as I did but the handy service men have already fix it.