Indian Summer with Maddi

Model: @la.lunetta

Stylist: @aperfect10beauty

Nikon D700 (color images) / Hasselblad 501c and Nikon FE with Tri-X 400 @ 1600

I can't believe that so many weeks have passed since my outdoor shoot with Maddi. Unfortunatelly too many things needed my attention and bounded my free time so althought forests on local mountains are covered with snow I am posting my late Indian Summer blog post.

Even whole preparation for this shoot was not without problem, we had to rescheduled it twice because of whimsical wheather but at the end we finally met. I had known Maddi's work from several posts of other local photographers and was looking forward to meet her and however the weather wasn't optimal it didn't spoil our good mood. At the beginning, we had to find a shelter from short shower in the forest close to river bed we intended to shoot. I like to shoot under forest canopy but lack of available light was stretching skills and film developing time. Yet we manaed to capture some nice images. After a while, when the shower passed, we moved back to river and continued shooting there. The valley of Lynn river is scatterd with rocks and zig-zagging river creates lot of nice backdrops for shoot.

Also I learned a new phrase which describes me greatly - accident prone. Last time I fell with camera into the small pond at SFU, this time, when I was telling that story to Maddi, I stepped backwards into void and almost broke my neck and my beloved Hasselblad...